custom application development
custom application development
ecommerce website design,flash website design A-1 Technology develops customized
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custom application development
custom application development custom application development custom application development
Offshore Outsourcing
Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing is today perhaps the most arousing and least-understood business practice in the world. Offshore outsourcing is today stirring not just some anonymous groups of people in some remotely locale in some obscure industry; rather, it has hit many of us.

A-1 Technology is the only leading IT offshore outsourcing provider that focuses exclusively on business applications. With A-1 Technology offers a variety of services to support customers throughout the process of implementing and maintaining its solutions.  To learn more please Contact us for Free Quote

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Specialist Support
"For customers with little or no IT skills, A-1 Technology can provide the complete service: designing, implementing and supporting all aspects of the customer's IT network infrastructure necessary to support the business. Alternatively, for organizations with IT departments, A-1 Technology can complement their skill sets with specialist support on a project-by-project basis. "
Quick, easy and budget-priced
A-1 Technology has been providing outsourcing services to all types of businesses. Our mission is to provide the most reliable outsourcing services to our clients on-time and on-budget. Our company implements the latest technological resources that have come to the market which allows us to make your products faster and more cost effectively.

Proof of concept
Reducing risk in an offshore outsourcing initiative is vital, and A-1 Technology's proof-of-concept services help you to be sure that you're investing in a sustainable solution. Our services can help you to evaluate options, test the proposed processes, build internal company support and further understand and quantify benefits of the proposed outsourcing solution.
Quality Driven
"We ensure that the solution perfectly complements existing business strategies, practices, structures and vision, thereby ensuring we deliver solutions beyond expectations. A lot more can be achieved within budgets as a result of our extremely competitive cost structure, made possible through our extended resource centers."


Offshore Outsourcing
Offshore Outsourcing
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